Creating Healthy Environments

''We are the Leaders in No-Touch Disinfection Technologies''.

''We Provide Environmentally Friendly Disinfection Services To All Environments''.

We provide full disinfection services TO ALL ENVIRONMENTS from Health Clubs and Sports Facilities to Healthcare, Cruise Ships, Airlines, Vertinary Services and Equine Facilities.


We utilise induction spray technology to apply chemicals which enhance the protocols and effectiveness in areas of infection control, disinfection, odour, pest control and mould remediation. Our teams combine this latest technology with the most appropriate disinfectant for each application, ensuring that the chosen repellant penetrates every area and covers even the most inaccesible of locations......We Do Not Miss !!


All our products are safe, approved, non-corrosive, tested for use on the most sensitive equipment, do not create any harmful VOC's are non-toxic and contain no bleach.


Current cleaning protocols simply do not offer a solution to the spread of dangerous bacteria and pathogens, our competitors continue to use outdated manual methods .........We prefer Technology.


Infection Control Protocols affect everyone, from Food Processing to Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Schools, Offices,Tranport and Hotels wherever we interact with others the transmission of infectious pathogens takes place. 


We work in partnership with Health Professionals, Health and Safety Officers, Occupational Health Managers and Infection Control Officers to provide solutions which help them and their clients meet their legal and regulatory requirements in a cost effective and 

compliant manner.


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